David Gregoire

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Laboratory of Complex Fluids and their Reservoirs
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David Gregoire— Professeur des Universités / Full Professor — — IUF Junior member —

  • Dep. Head of the IPRA Research Federation (FR2952)
  • Head of the G2MP group at LFCR lab (UMR5150)
  • Head of the PSCE International Master at ISABTP
    Campus Côte Basque - MontauryF64600 Anglet, France
  • Porous media; Porosity; Geomechanics; Damage; Failure; Permeability; Micro-porous media; Meso-porous media; Macro-porous media; Multi-physics coupling
  • david.gregoire @ univ-pau.fr
  • http://dgregoir.perso.univ-pau.fr/
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ISABTP: Civil Engineering school; UPPA: University Pau & Pays Adour;
INSA: Multidisciplinary engineering school; UCBL
: University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 

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Research interests

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  • Current thematics

Reactive transport and damage induced by crystallisation/precipitation in porous geomaterials

Couplings between adsorption / strain / damage / permeability in micro-to-macro-porous media

Damage and failure of quasi-brittle materials

  • Former thematics

Biomimicry: failure and damage identification in natural nacre and translation to synthetic composite materials

Fluid-structure interaction: fracture of composite sandwich panels subjected to underwater blast impacts

Dynamic brittle fracture: on the initiation, the growth, the arrest and the restart of cracks under impact loading


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