Presentation of the LFCRLaboratory of Complex Fluids and their Reservoirs

  • Approximately 1200 people
  • Four research teams and two transverse lines of research
  • 2 Total chairs  + 2 joint chairs + E2S chairs
  • 60 ACL per year
  • ~3 million euros of its own resources every year.
  • Created in 2003
  • Directors: Guillaume Galliero & Jean-Paul Callot (deputy)

From the nanometer to hundreds of kilometers, from the nanosecond to a million years, from the physics and chemistry of interfaces, through the thermodynamics of fluids under flow, to reservoir geology, geomechanics and geophysics, status as an “industrial” UMR (Joint Research Unit), supervised by TotalEnergies, the CNRS and the UPPA, the LFCR is an innovative and remarkable research unit in more ways than one. Its specific focus, essentially based on the study of subsurface in an energetical and an environmental perspective, and totally in phase with the local socio-economic context, sets it apart regarding applications and enables it to host internationally-recognized teams.

The LFCR is a joint research unit attached to the UPPA, the CNRS and TotalEnergies. It is organized into four research teams:

and two transverse lines of research:

  • “Imaging”, led by Peter Moonen
  • “Multi-scale approaches” led by Guillaume Galliéro.

The LFCR is a member of the IPRA research federation (FR 2952)

The LFCR is a founder member of the ISIFoR Carnot institute.