Structural geology chair

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Laboratory of Complex Fluids and their Reservoirs
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Structural geology chair UPPA-CNRS-Total - 2011-2021

The purpose of the chair for structural geology, awarded to Jean-Paul Callot, is to formally define the strong partnership between university research developed at the University of Pau and the Adour region and the geoscience research groups from Total. Geosciences are clearly at the cross-roads of university research subjects and industrial objectives, attempting to reveal Earth dynamics while factoring in crucial CSR objectives, such as geological resources, their exploration and energy storage.  After five years of fruitful projects, materialized in five thesis viva voce presentations (including C.Ribes, best 2016 thesis of the French Geological Society), three post-doctoral projects and two expertise actions, and having been showcased by over 20 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, 60 conference presentations and numerous courses and field studies, the chair has been renewed for a five-year period on a similar basis.

This experience has demonstrated that strong ties between a research team and an industrial partner with the motivation to encourage scientific exchanges is an ideal foundation for research.