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Laboratory of Complex Fluids and their Reservoirs


Joint research unit UPPA/TOTAL/CNRS - IPRA-LFCR



Leader : Nicolas Beaudoin

  • 4 permanent employees
  • 1 PhD
  • 5 post-doctoral fellows

Key dates

  • Kick-off: april 2018
  • Duration: 5 years


Financial contribution/year

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DiStuRB ChairStructural diagenesis of carbonates

Energy transition from fossil resources to clean ones requires to optimize existing resources, and to enhance the process of storage and cycling. Such progress involves a better understanding of how reservoir rock evolves.

This chair revolves around developing quantitative tools for processes that impact petrophysical and chemical properties of carbonates during or after it deforms. By confronting laboratory experiments to natural cases observation, we study the patterns that appear to be linked to carbonate transformation, whether chemical (replacement) or mechanical (fracture, pressure-solution).

The goal is to better understand the complex feedbacks between deformation under stress and fluid-mediated chemical transformation in carbonates.



Nicolas Beaudoin
Leader of the DiSturRB Chair

Nicolas Beaudoin is a geologist specialized in brittle deformation and fluid-rock interactions in sedimentary rocks.

Following on a PhD (Université Paris VI), he joined the University of Glasgow over a 5-years period, at first in the EU project FlowTrans, then in a national project.