Joint research unit UPPA/TOTAL/CNRS - Laboratory for complex fluids and their reservoirs (IPRA - LFCR)

Key figures

Team composition

  • 3 Permanent employees
  • 5 PhD
  • 2 Post doctorate


Key dates

Chair kick-off: septembre 2018

Duration: 5 ans


Financial contribution / year


Fabrizio Croccolo,


Director of the Industrial Chaire CO2ES

Expert in non-equilibrium thermodynamics, optical techniques and microgravity, Fabrizio Croccolo obtained his PhD in Milano (IT) in 2006 and arrived in Anglet in 2009. In the same year, he obtained a Marie-Curie scholarship.

After completing his Marie-Curie fellowship in Fribourg (CH) in 2012, he came back to the UPPA where he developed innovative optical techniques for the study of transport phenomena in complex fluids.

He participated in four space experiments, two of which as coordinator with the European Space Agency and the CNES. These space projects are the result of international collaborations between Europe, the United States and China.

Fabrizio Croccolo is co-author of more than 60 articles (h-index = 18) and has participated in many international conferences. He has written 2 book chapters and is Chief Editor of "the European Physical Journal E".




Henri Bataller
Assistant Professor with HDR

Henri Bataller obtained his PhD in physics at the UPPA in 1998. Assistant professor at the LFCR since 2000 at the Anglet site, Henri Bataller participated in three space experiments with the European Space Agency and CNES.





Brahim Amaziane

Assistant Professor with HDR

Brahim Amaziane obtained his PhD in mathematics at Lyon 1 University in 1988. Lecturer at LMAP since 1988, Brahim Amaziane research activities focus on mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of fluid mechanics models in porous media applied to energy and environmental issues.



Cédric Giraudet

Postdoc (since 05/2020)

Cédric Giraudet obtained his PhD in physics in 2015 at UPPA specializing in high pressure thermodynamics and innovative optical techniques. After spending 4 years as a Team Leader at the University of Erlangen (DE), Cédric came back to the UPPA as PostDoc in 2020.



Dan-Esli Bouyou Bouyou
PhD student (since 02/2020)

After a Master in physics with a specialization in optics, Dan-Esli Bouyou Bouyou will develop an experimental version of two-wavelength Shadowgraphy for the study of non-equilibrium fluctuations in complex mixtures.


Ange Tatiana Ndjaka
PhD student (since 10/2018)

Ange T. Ndjaka owns a Master in chemistry with a specialization in process engineering and bioprocesses. Her PhD project deals with the experimental and numerical study of reactive transport in saline aquifers, induced by the injection of CO₂.

Paul Fruton
PhD student (since 10/2018)

Paul Fruton is both engineer and physicist. His PhD project is focused on the experimental study of the convective dissolution of CO₂ in brine. Paul brings to the Chair his experience on transparent porous media.




Mojtaba Norouzisadeh
Master student (since 02/2020)

Mojtaba Norouzisadeh is finalising his Master at the UPPA and works on the free diffusion of glycerol-water solutions and image analysis software.


Youssef Karam
Master student (since 02/2020)

Youssef Karam is finalising his Master at the UPPA and works on the free diffusion of salt-water solutions.


Former team members

Loreto García Fernández
Postdoc (10/2017 – 09/2019)

Loreto García Fernández obtained her PhD in physics in 2017 at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ES) with a thesis on the production and characterization of porous membranes. After obtaining a PostDoc from the E2S PostDoc 2017 program, she obtained a new Postdoc grant from CNES. Within the CO₂ES Chair, Loreto contributed to the implementation of experimental activities linked to the NEUF-DIX or Giant Fluctuations project, carried out several experimental campaigns and developed the theory of coupled non-equilibrium fluctuations in collaboration with José M Ortiz de Zárate of the UCM.